Corporate Events 

A highlight perfectly planned!

Surprise your employees, customers, business partners, friends, or guests of your company party with a professional musical touch.

Depending on the occasion, I will arrange the introduction to your celebration, the transition to the speeches, and later also the accompaniment to the aperitif.

Leave the organisation of the music to me. I select appropriate pieces of music, naturally taking your wishes into consideration, and coordinate them with your event program.

If you wish for further instruments, I will gladly organize an ensemble.

Gala Dinner

As a highlight of the musical design of your gala, the cello is an excellent choice and creates a stylish, festive atmosphere that combines culinary enjoyment with listening pleasure.

The cello is also recommended as a discreet background instrument. If desired, I like to play together with other string players, for example as a duo, trio, or quartet.

Company Anniversary

Give your company anniversary a festive framework with an atmospheric musical accompanying program. Music creates a lively atmosphere as an introduction and also as a relaxation between the individual programme items.

Company Party

Treat your employees to something special at your company party. There are many possibilities for a suitable musical setting. It doesn’t always have to be classical… I would be happy to design the program together with you.

Professional Jubilee

A stylish musical accompaniment also contributes to an appropriate celebration during a professional jubilee. Not only as a festive setting, but also as a relaxation or even a surprise, music is a good choice.


After years of working for a company, it is essential that employees leave the company in good order.  As a gesture of gratitude, a suitable musical setting can be created and tailored to the individual.

Christmas Parties

With classical music you will make your Christmas party something special and create a highlight that will be remembered by your guests. Together with an ensemble I create a contemplative atmosphere with new and traditional Christmas songs.


Impress your guests with stylish string music.

Award Ceremonies

Awards are something special; highlight the event with classical music. A musical setting is highly recommended for the ceremonial awarding of prizes and awards by foundations or during the awarding of certificates and diplomas at colleges and universities. A string duo or trio as well as a classical string quartet are suitable for these occasions.

Store openings

Show class and quality with the finest music right at the opening of your store. Customer loyalty begins on the very first day.


Selection of possible pieces

  • Bizet Habanera

  • Gardel Por una Cabeza

  • Coldplay Viva la Vida

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