Cello Food

A feast for the ears and palate

Create a romantic atmosphere for your dinner party as a couple or in a larger setting through a brilliant combination of culinary art and the finest musical accompaniment by the cello.  

Whether at your home or in a location of your choice, I will be happy to put together a suitable program for you with a chef of your choice. We spoil you with excellent musical and culinary delicacies according to your taste.

I play discreetly in the background during the entire dinner or as an atmospheric interlude between courses.

Let this evening become an unforgettable experience.

Immerse yourself in melodious, enchanting melodies and culinary delights. Through this combination there is something for everyone – you will be thrilled!

Here are two sample programs for your occasion: 

Pasta meets Puccini

A moment of pleasure with Italian flair at a dinner for two. Surprise your loved one with a three-course menu with the finest culinary delights and the most beautiful melodies from Italy.

Dinner Party with friends –

Magical moments with Cello Food. Enjoy the convivial get-together with culinary delicacies and upbeat melodies from all over the world.

Selection of possible pieces

  • Bizet Habanera


  • Gardel Por una Cabeza

  • Mancini Moon River

  • Coldplay Viva la Vida

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